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FRS is a nationwide company that assists residential and commercial structure owners with proving the accurate level of flood risk associated with their structure(s), which generally results in a reduction or complete elimination of the mandatory flood insurance.

In most cases, the structure owner who contacts FRS feels they are paying an inflated flood insurance premium or potentially should not be required to pay flood insurance at all, and they are often correct. It is, however, the burden of the structure owners to prove their flood risk if they disagree or dispute it, and that is where FRS comes in.

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Is your structure shown to be in a Flood Zone resulting in the requirement to maintain flood insurance? News:
*May 2015- Already have an Elevation Certificate? Forward a copy to us and receive $50 off of your Preliminary Evaluation cost when you mention code EC5615 (Expires 6/30/15). Please email us at frs@frspecialists.com  or call 877-311-6622 for more information.

*March 2015- Click on the icon below to listen to Lexi’s interview with KC Armstrong on WRNW1 Radio.  If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please call us at 877-311-6622.

*March 2014- The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 was signed into law. This resulted in modifications to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act and additional changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.  For more info visit:
Lexi O’Leary
President of FRS
I can highly recommend Lexi & her team at FRS. They are competent and very knowledgeable. They made the whole process a breeze in getting the requirement for Flood Insurance eliminated.
-R.J. Freedman- Indianapolis, IN
…Lexi & her staff provided exceptional customer service and did their absolute best to get results quickly…
-Todd Shevlin- Haverhill, MA
The service provided was excellent and well worth the cost. I finally have the government flood insurance off my back thanks to Lexi and her staff.
-Paul Hamilton- East Tawas, MI
Lexi and her team did a fantastic job for me on my home. The process was smooth and actually went much quicker than I was expecting. The surveyor that came to my home was great….
-Terry Snow- Poway, CA